Blog 55 – A-Level results day

A-Level results day!!!! What an exciting day, I remember it well. I had applied to chiropractic university in Bournemouth as I knew what I wanted to be from the age of 15 after watching my Dad have treatment on his ‘old man neck’. My mum, ever the pragmatist, made me apply to Physiotherapy as well, as a ‘back up’, but I knew I would be ok to go down to the university with the best beaches in the UK. I remember that UCAS weren’t very happy with me waiting until the end of the day to turn down my offer from Manchester for their Physio course. “Well somebody else will be pleased with the last minute offer then”, the 18 year old me said. Honestly, I could kick my own arse for the cheek I had back then…

It’s great to see that 5 or 6 locals from this area, after experiencing chiropractic care at Cleve Chiropractic have been inspired to become the next generation of chiropractors as they start their training in September. They are now on the first step on their journey to becoming a member of the greatest profession on earth (apart from a dolphin trainer, nothing can compete with that). It makes me very proud to see youngsters from here following the same path that I took and I know that the next students aren’t far behind as they complete their GCSE’s.

So have you thought about becoming a chiropractor or advising a family member to become one? Did you know that there are only 3400 chiropractors in the whole of the UK compared to 50,000 physios?! This means that we are in high demand. The universities have reflected that we need more than 10,000 chiropractors to keep up with demand. Chiropractic clinics are struggling to find new chiropractic associates to fill their clinics. The oldest mature student in my year was 48 when it started.

There is 100% employment within the profession and a good starting salary, so not a silly place to start! Also of interest is that chiropractic is recommended by the NHS for low back pain and it is recommended within the NICE guidelines for the treatment of low back pain. You can receive chiropractic care on the NHS in certain areas of the country but sadly not in Bristol, the postcode lottery and all that. There are 3 universities currently. One in Glamorgan in Wales, one in Bournemouth and a new one in London. You leave with a Masters of Science level degree and it takes 4-5 years to graduate.

When you get past all the stats that really do add up, it really is a wonderful vocation. I truly believe that chiropractic is a career that calls to you when you have experienced it. All we do all day is help people, often when nobody else can. We are highly qualified to diagnose conditions, we can use X-rays and read their MRI scans if needed. We create wonderful treatment programmes for them that include hands on treatment, exercise, nutritional and lifestyle advice. We routinely get to work alongside our wonderful GP, physiotherapy and sports therapy colleagues. We get to work in elite or amateur sport like the Olympics, premier league football and rugby or even at my happy place Cleve Rugby club! We can help with babies or the elderly. Our days are so varied, no two being the same. I am always happy when I meet patients and their families when I’m out walking around here. I truly have that magnificent sense of being part of a respectable profession. 15 years in and I love my job even more than the day I started. It’s not often that I hear people say that. If you are interested in a career in chiropractic look up more on the BCA website Or maybe go to an open day at one of the universities.

Good luck to all with their A-Levels, GCSEs and future careers, whatever they may be.