Blog 56 – Awards and Injections at Cleve Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Centre.

Jack Withey has just celebrated his first year as an associate chiropractor for Cleve Chiropractic after leaving with distinctions at university. The accolades just keep on coming for Jack, as he has been nominated, as one of only 3 people, for national chiropractic associate of the year, by the British Chiropractic Association. The awards ceremony will be in October, so I look forward to letting everybody know how he gets on. To be nominated in competition with thousands is a huge honour and well deserved. Jack was nominated for excellence for chiropractic service. He spotted a catastrophic injury to a patient who had a fall 6 weeks prior. After seeing all the relevant health professionals, the patient came in to see us on the bus that day. Jack spotted the problem, took an X-ray and he then called an ambulance to take them straight to A and E with their X-rays on CD, where they were cared for appropriately.

It would also be appropriate to talk about our other supremo chiropractic associate Michael (I’m not a basket baller) Jordan, who recently represented his country working as a chiropractor in the GB Masters Athletics Championships in Birmingham. Next year he has been selected to work at the World Masters Championships in Poland.

If that’s not enough then also Keith Graham (Head of medical for Bristol Rovers and our head Physio) has recently completed his prescribing training. Keith used to work in Rheumatology within the NHS and has huge experience with injections. Now however he can provide the full service for private patients. He can prescribe medications where appropriate and administer any necessary injections. This month has seen a number of sub acromial (shoulder) injections that can provide huge pain relief very quickly. If you think you may need this service, then please enquire with reception to see if it appropriate. If it is Keith can take care of it easily and quickly for you.

As healthcare professionals at Cleve Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Clinic, we are all very conscious of the environment. After constantly being bombarded with anti-plastic media I started to notice how many plastic bottles were in my shower at home. Admittedly there are two of us who use that shower but 24 plastic bottles?! Wow, who knew? They build up you know. There are the day to day ones, the blonde ones, the face ones, the special exfoliator ones, the ones that came with you from the hotel and of course the special ones that your mum buys for you at Christmas that you don’t use because they are too expensive to waste. Anyway, the point is that 24 is too many. So I started to look up alternatives. Now there are plenty of nice organic bars of body soap that you can buy so that’s easy, but I wondered what people used to do to wash their hair in the days before shampoo bottles? The answer is Shampoo Bars! I ordered a nice organic shampoo bar from Amazon and got started! They are great, they leave your hair with a slight squeaky cleanness, I admit but surely it’s better that buying tons of plastic? And they are cheap too, as they last a long time. So now I am working my way though the left overs and slowly reducing the plastic in my shower, once and for all! 22 and counting.

For all of those who have been with me from the beginning then you will remember the journey began with Blog 1 – A Babymoon to Cuba, when Jen was pregnant with Molly. Well now, over 4 years on and she has started Primary school in reception class. It’s frightening how quickly time passes but I am pleased to say that she is settling well and making lots of new friends. I have to admit to my heart breaking a little bit as I watched her skip off and turn to smile and wave at me just before she went in this morning. She is such a little treasure. Now we have a couple more years of Harry at home. I hope that time doesn’t pass as quickly!