Blog 54 – French Girls

I am delighted to say that I am writing this month’s edition sat in the sunshine, waiting for a wonderful Caesar Salad in my new favourite place! Recently the slightly run down old pub, ‘The Salutation Inn’ has been fully refurbished and is now called the Grapevine and is a lovely new British food style Brasserie. Fortunately for me it is around 10 yards from Cleve Chiropractic in Mangotsfield. It has lots of parking, a sunny beer garden and most importantly great food and drink served by polite and efficient waiters. I regularly pop in for lunch, a drink after work or even just a coffee. Happiness is being well fed and watered in my book!

Another interesting twist in the life of family Button is the introduction of a French au pair for 2 weeks at home called Maëlle. It’s a bit different having somebody live with you but she is a great help with the kids and I have even persuaded her to help water the garden…she can’t make croissants though…I checked…but she can cook a mean crȇpe…

After a hard day’s work being ordered around by Molly and Harry I noticed her rubbing her back between her shoulder blades. I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to try and impress the young French lady with my Chiropractic knowledge so I asked if I could help, only to find out that she suffers with a scoliosis.

Scoliosis is not uncommon, I see them in the clinic quite regularly and they seem to affect teenage girls the most. They can result in rib crowding causing regular back ache between the shoulders. At their very worst, two metal rods are surgically inserted into the spine with screws to straighten the spine and prevent organs being squashed. Before or after any surgery I have found that a combination of exercises, physio therapy, massage and chiropractic can really help.  When scoliosis becomes structural like this it cannot be fully straightened with chiropractic etc but the symptoms of back ache can really be helped. This can have an excellent affect on the patients quality of life which is another reason I get great satisfaction from my job.

This month I went on an advanced shockwave course with Keith our famous physio and head of medical at Bristol Rovers. It’s true to say that we learned a few new tricks with shockwave and I’m now even treating myself with the powerful machine. It turns out that Shockwave has been found to be affective with certain forms of osteoarthritis. After 15 years of working I have wear and tear in my thumbs and they are starting to ache. After one treatment with shockwave I would say that they feel 30% better and I got some real immediate relief. I have to say that I have been getting worried about wearing my joints out as I have worked an awful lot of hours in my career varying between 50 and 80 hour/week, seeing thousands of patients. Never before have I found a reliable treatment for arthritis in the hands so I can tell you I feel a bit relieved to have find a solution. Incidentally research has all found it useful for osteoarthritis in the medial knee.

The head salesman of the shockwave machine just happens to be a Bristol Rovers fan so after the great success with the machine Keith and I persuaded him to lend us another machine to use at Rovers for the players and so far so good. The players love it! We may have to slip him a ticket or 2!

Anyway, keep enjoying the hot weather and if you really hate the heat remember that Cleve Chiropractic in Mangotsfield is fully air conditioned, so if you don’t have a treatment booked then please pop in for a cuppa and cool down.