Blog 65 – Gardening and a new treatment for arthritis.

Blog 65 – Apologies for last month and a new treatment for arthritis.

Firstly I must apologise for missing last month’s blog. Indeed, I do tend to write the blog on the last day or two before publication and I confess to getting caught out this time. But for good reason as my wonderful wife gave me the kick at midnight to tell me that her contractions had started. At 5:15 am, another wonderful little boy was born into the Button family and we are overjoyed. I am pleased to say that Mother and baby are doing well. So how’s that for a good excuse!

If that’s not enough the football season has started, and Keith and I are back to the grind with the players, coaches and support staff. It should be an interesting season!

The new clinic refurbishment is going really well. I’m so pleased to be staying in Mangotsfield where we have made so many friends and have so many patients. It seems that as long as I bring the builders Ice creams each day that they are happy!

In the meantime, the work never stops with patients and we are all very busy. This time of year brings us lots of Tennis and Cricket players but another more unique cause of injuries is the primary school sports days. Not for the children but all of the dads pulling hamstrings in the Dads race! I don’t remember the dad’s race in my day. When it was Molly’s sports day a few weeks ago I declined due to this insider knowledge…I am a groin strain waiting to happen!

So after safely avoiding running with all the super fit younger dads, I managed to pull my back bent over weeding in the Garden! I really should know better. If you are gardening for a long time then you should have breaks every half an hour or so to give your body a chance to recover. Most of us are not used to working that hard all day and our back aren’t conditioned for it. Luckily, I have easy access to a chiropractor and Jack managed to squeeze me in the next day. A couple of clicks and I was good to go. However, prevention is better than cure so if you are doing lots of gardening then remember to take regular breaks, bend your knees when lifting even light pots and put your sun cream on!

Now that Keith is a prescribing physio he has been busy doing injections for a patient who needs them. Most commonly he has been doing injections in shoulders that are impinged or frozen. You know if you have an impingement or similar shoulder problem when you struggle to lift your arm up to wash your hair or can’t get your hand behind your shoulder blades the same as the other side. You can come and see Keith directly if you think you may need an injection and he can advise you accordingly.

He is also using a new treatment at the clinic called ‘a Durolane injection’ that helps with the cushioning and lubrication of a worn-out joint. It is a drug-free solution that has a long history of safety. I sent a patient over to Keith for this as he had Osteoarthritis in both knees and was in a lot of pain walking. 2 weeks after the injection he reported to me that he felt wonderful and couldn’t believe the improvement. So, if you feel like you may be suffering from arthritic joint pain then please call the clinic and ask to have an appointment to discuss your case directly with Keith.