Blog 64 – a new clinic and a new baby

Oh my god, what am I doing?! We are over a month into the conversion of the old music shop to the new clinic and it looks like a bomb went off inside it! The builders and project manager assure me that it is supposed to look like that at this stage but really? All I can see are walls ripped back to the old stone of the once grand school house from 1956 that belonged to the church. I think we found what left of an old fireplace but still no skeletons yet. We have managed to put a lovely new watertight and insulated fibreglass flat roof at the back which makes me strangely happy despite the fact that nobody will see it. To be fair there is so much effort and cost that goes into a building that you cannot see…who thinks how much a concrete floor slab costs when you walk into a building?!

I can see glimmers of how lovely it’s going to be though, the windows at the front that make me feel like they are in my very own cathedral look beautiful and will create a lovely atmosphere to be treated in. So far the neighbours have been lovely and are pleased that I’m bringing an old building back to life. I just hope nobody comes here looking for a piano lesson…to be fair I did reach grade 4 when I was 12 but I think I can only play the theme tune to Beverly Hill Cop.

The football season is finally over and I’m pleased to have helped Bristol Rovers stay up, finishing with a fantastic win over automatically promoted Barnsley 2-1. It was a great feeling to do the final lap of the pitch with the players saying goodbye to the fans for another year and Keith our illustrious physio. This summer will see a large turnover of players at Rovers and I look forward to seeing what happens next season but for now, I’m glad of the rest bite and getting my Saturdays back with my ever increasing family.

The thing that I keep forgetting to mention is that Jenny and I may have another baby on the way…I have been kinda not thinking about it. It’s as though it’s not real and I have been so busy what with little Molly and Harry, the new clinic, and helping run the British Chiropractic Association that it’s not until Jenny has now really started to show that I think blimey this is happening. I hope the baby comes on a weekend so I can have some time off with the new born! And no need to email asking if we know what the sex is as there is not a chance that Jenny would have anything that isn’t a surprise! And yes I know I said that the last one was the last…but this one is definitely the last!

With the new clinic on the horizon, I have been on a quiet and careful recruitment drive for new chiropractors and other therapists. Before they arrive properly I don’t want to give away who I been speaking to but I can’t wait to announce who the new superstars are that will be joining us to help take on the numbers of patients that come through the door and help me reduce waiting times. People often tell me that it must be good to have such a long waiting list. I hope that it is a good sign that we do what we do well here but it is a double-edged sword, I hate it when a patient is in pain and I can’t see them straight away. Patients are very gracious and say that they are happy to wait but I feel guilty. The great news is that help is on the way and we have a great team. Often if you can’t get in to see the chiro, you can get in to see one of the amazing physios or sports therapists or vice versa. I’m so proud of everybody who works in the clinic from the cleaner and receptionists to all of the practitioners. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. I hope everybody has had a happy and healthy spring season…roll on summer!