Blog 60 – Cross Fit

It is always interesting to hear from my patients about what it is that motivates them to keep fit and exercise. One patient has recently been extolling the benefits of CrossFit to me and encouraging me to give it a go! She told me that she has noticed that many  ‘more mature’ people (ie over 50/55) seem to stop or reduce the amount of exercise that they do at precisely the time when exercise becomes more important to maintain strength, mobility, flexibility and general health and wellbeing for as long as possible! My patient is now in her 60s (though in complete denial about it!) and has always done some form of exercise but has only been involved in CrossFit for the last 3 years. She was beginning to find a conventional gym rather dull and tedious and she was then encouraged to join Valesco CrossFit in Bristol. Initially, she felt that it would be far too demanding and everyone would be younger, fitter and stronger but was quickly proved wrong! She is really excited about the difference it has made to her – keen to explain how she CrossFit is different! It is all about strength and conditioning and built around functional movement. There is a range of classes all of which are coached and are all scaleable to suit every ability level and the intensity and the difficulty increase with improvements in performance. She was keen to promote Valesco CrossFit where she says “The coaches are fantastic – they are highly skilled and knowledgeable and extremely encouraging and motivating! I really enjoy being part of a class and working hard together in such a supportive environment. It is hard work but it really is great fun and I always feel the benefit……it has made me realise that I didn’t really push myself before! I have now been doing CrossFit for nearly three years and can honestly say that I am now fitter and stronger than I was 10 years ago! It is exciting to see how much I have improved and to continue to challenge myself.  I can strongly recommend a visit to Valesco CrossFit to find out more….as it says on their website….’Valesco CrossFit is passionate about its members and the community and the coaching team are committed to helping individuals achieve their goals in a fun and supportive environment.’ Why not give it a go and try a taster session?”

I might even try it myself!

Valesco CrossFit,

Unit 1, 40-46 Albert Road, Bristol BS2 0XA