Blog 58 – Winter injuries and Gandalf

So the nights are drawing in, the summer has well and truly left us as the winter season is beginning. Patients have been regularly coming in with all sorts of injuries from winter sports like rugby and football. They are always varied, from back and neck injuries to ankles and knees. Our chiropractors, physios and sports therapists have been rushed off their feet patching up players and athletes so they get back out there, only to come back the next week with a new one for us! I’m not complaining, exercise is great and all sports have an inherent risk. Even when the Wii Fit first came out we saw plenty of injuries sustained in the front room from vigorous virtual tennis or crazy bowling techniques that took out the lamp shade and dislocated their shoulder at the same time. For some unknown reason the weather also makes people feel their joint pains more. Nobody knows why, but we see it every year. Maybe it’s a lack of vitamin D, that seems to be the answer for everything these days. I take it in the winter just in case!

This month saw the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) have its annual conference. I had the great idea that we should have an awards ceremony for all chiropractors, clinics reception teams etc. The idea was well received and then inevitably I was asked to get on and organise it, as if I’m not busy enough. But then, as always, I start to think about it and I actually enjoy organising these things despite my grumblings. I always think, ‘If I was going to do that, I would do it this way’, so that’s what I did and why I hired an actor who could do an amazing Gandalf from Lord of the Rings impression to do the introduction to the audience. You should have seen the stunned faces. People are still asking me how I managed to get Iain McKellan to do the recording. A stuffy old chiropractic conference has never been so perplexed. Needless to say I thought it was hilarious. After the BCA President was introduced as the half elf princess of Eriador and me as her slave, we got on with our ‘Ant and Dec’ performance. It went really well as we went all out ‘Oscars style’ with the shiny awards, videos and music. We even an Olympic Athlete called Marilyn Okoro handing out the awards in front of the giant Ice sculpture I had procured. There were speeches, tears and standing ovations. Now that’s how you should do it I thought! I can’t wait for next year…maybe I could hire Darth Vader?

It was a big month this month for the Molly and the Mollyettes as we had our first ever parents evening. It’s a strange feeling going into a parents evening as a parent for the first time. For the whole time in secondary school when my mum and dad went for me, I used to sit at home waiting for them to come back with the inevitable lecture about how I didn’t concentrate enough and talked too much in class. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that Molly was very good at writing the letter ‘k’ which is apparently hard when you are still only 4. I was just feeling confident that my child could well be a genius and I should start thinking about sending her to a special school for the gifted when reality struck home as the lovely Mrs R, then told us that she had a class full of day dreamers but Molly was definitely the biggest day dreamer of them all. Ah yes, I could well believe it. I often catch her day dreaming at home and to be fair it does run in the family. Both my dad and I have been famous day dreamers in our time. I’m not worried as it just seems like she is an excellent thinker, last time I caught her staring out of the window, she turned to me and asked ‘It’s amazing…I just don’t understand it, it just stays there all the time. How does the moon not fall down out of the sky’? I didn’t think she was ready for the chat about orbits, gravity and tidal pull so I just told her it was magic and if she was a good girl then Father Christmas might take her there one day…