X-rays and scans

Musculoskeletal ultrasound

Why carry on suffering in silence when we have the technology that can help to make you feel better?
Musculoskeletal ultrasound offers a dynamic, non-invasive exam that allows high resolution, real-time evaluation of musculoskeletal disorders. It’s an excellent way to complement MRI and a reliable method for us to diagnose musculoskeletal disorders that are related to traumatic injury or degeneration.


Non-invasive and dynamic imaging is beneficial when range of motion is lost due to acute or chronic injury to major tendons, as well as in pain management and urgent care.

Here’s just a few of the capabilities of diagnostic ultrasound:

• Shoulder examination – evaluation of shoulder pain or dysfunction.

• Elbow examination – soft tissue injury, tendon pathology (including tears), ligament pathology, arthritis, loose bodies, soft tissue masses, nerve entrapment and effusion.

• Wrist and hand examination – soft tissue injury, tendon pathology (including tears), arthritis, soft tissue masses or swelling (including ganglion cysts), nerve entrapment, effusion, foreign bodies and bone injuries.

• Knee examination – soft tissue injury, tendon and collateral ligament pathology, arthritis, soft tissue masses or swelling, loose cartilage and bone, effusion and bone injury.

• Ankle and foot examination – soft tissue, tendon and ligament injury, arthritis, soft tissue masses or swelling, loose cartilage and bone, effusion, bone injury, Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis and foreign bodies.

The cost of ultrasound is included in your normal treatment, providing your chiropractor recommends it as part of the diagnosis. If your scan reveals any conditions that are not within the scope of regular chiropractoic or physiotherapy treatments – or you would like a second opinion – we will happily refer you to an appropriate specialist.


Digital X-ray facility

At Cleve Chiropractic, we can offer you the very latest in digital technology at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay at a private hospital or clinic. Our normal charge is £65 per series of X-rays.
Digital X-ray allows images to be instantly recorded onto a computer screen, making film developing obsolete. The image detail is crystal clear and the exposure times are greatly reduced.


Accidents and emergencies

If you suspect you have a fracture or a broken bone and need a quick verdict, call us and we can slot you into the next available X-ray appointment. We can usually find a spot for you within 24 hours and, while we are most flexible between 9am and 5pm, we do have some times available before and after work.

Who should not be X-rayed?

Babies, children and pregnant women are strongly advised to avoid X-ray treatments.