Welcome to the Emersons Green Voice readers!

Blog 34

I noticed last week that the first edition of the long overdue Emersons Green Voice has been circulated. A huge number of our patients reside in Emersons Green so we are happy to welcome you to the family of readers that include Downend and Fishponds. It seems only fair to give you a quick introduction into what the monthly blog is about. I run a chiropractic, physiotherapy and Sports Therapy clinic in Mangotsfield. We have a high tech rehabilitation gym called Next Step and a top injury clinic called Cleve Chiropractic.

Over the past 13 years I have developed the practice from a one-man band to a multi-disciplinary clinic and injury rehab centre. All the way back in 2003 when I was a mere lad, shortly after graduating and starting Cleve Chiropractic at Cleve Rugby Club (hence the name) I got a job working for Bath Rugby in the Premier league. By the end of the season I was working for Bath and Bristol Rugby and Bristol Rovers FC. Since then I have worked in many elite sports environments from the London Olympics and Premier League football to Masters Judo and Athletics all over the world. I have been fortunate to meet many great people on the way, from world class therapists (a few who now work with me!) to athletes and celebrities that left me embarrassingly star struck. This blog is designed to tell you fun stories from the past and present (not just from me but all of our wonderful staff) and offer advice and information regarding injuries. If you ever have any questions, please contact me using your favourite method of one of the plethora of ways that the modern world enables us to be in constant contact at the bottom of the blog.

So, what story can I think of today? There was one I can think of that I probably shouldn’t tell but it was a long time ago so why not?!

I was invited to the Wedding of my dear friends Lee and Danielle Mears. Two friends that I went to school with and Lee was playing rugby for Bath and England at the time. Whilst eating the canapes and drinking the free bubbly I noticed that my childhood crush was there, Kirsty Gallagher.

She was married to a rugby player at the time so it made sense. To put it into context, when I was a teenager I used to have the usual pull out poster of her from Loaded magazine on my wall. I can honestly say that TV and photographs didn’t do her justice. From a distance she seemed fabulous. At this point it seems appropriate to say that I hadn’t even met my wife yet! Now, I had met celebrities before, especially sports ones so I made a mental note to keep my cool and my distance and not act like an old fashioned wally, so I walked the opposite way and went to the bar to get a stronger drink. I found a quiet bar with nobody waiting so I stood there, about a foot away from the wall and waited for the barman to come over.

As I stood there, and with no warning at all, Kirsty slipped up between me and the wall. The double take and jaw drop I gave her must have looked ridiculous. It wasn’t fair, I wasn’t ready, I didn’t see her coming and then the most peculiar thing happened…I went deaf. I could see things just fine but I think I panicked so much that blood seem to fill my ears and I couldn’t do anything but gape at her from a few inches away. Of course the barman came straight over now that Kirsty Gallagher was here and I believe, to her credit, that she said that I was there first but as I was completely deaf I didn’t respond and just blinked at her and the barman with my mouth open in an utter state of panic. The barman just shook his head at me and eventually took her order.

After Kirsty took her drink she turned to me, put her hand on my arm and it looked like she said something that was kind then smiled sweetly and walked off. To this day I have no idea what she said to as I was deaf the entire time. After she left, I turned back to the barman and my hearing came back so I asked for a double Gin and Tonic. I do believe that, that was one of my most embarrassing moments ever. I can however, say that the same thing did happen to me only one more time and it was the first moment that I laid eyes on Jenny…so I married her…but that’s another story…

Next month (after I have been suitably told off by Jen!) I promise to talk through some common injuries and see what advice we can give to help you through them.