happy new year

Happy New Year

Blog 37

At the time of writing the last blog, the Christmas parties were in full swing and I was

hanging on by a thread. After the Bristol Rovers staff night out I could have been knocked

over my either my two year old daughter Molly or my, recently turned one, son, Harry. So it

was with trepidation that the famous Cleve Chiropractic and Next Step Christmas party

commenced. This year we stayed local and went to Bottagino’s in Emersons Green, well that

was after and before the pub! The night was going well until Practice Managers Kate and

Sarah decided to start on the flaming Sambucas. Now for all my younger readers a ‘Flaming

Sambuca’ is a type of Exotic African bird …for my older readers, well that’s just what I think I


Just to add a little spice to the endurance month of December, we decided to move

house…last minute…just before Christmas. We looked at a shiny David Wilson new build

house in Keynsham on the 14 th of November and as they were so keen to pay our stamp

duty and part exchange our house we thought we’d give it a go. Give it a go?! What was I

thinking?! I forgot what stress it is moving house and doing it in 5 weeks pushed the

boundaries of my already overstretched brain. The solicitors, BLB in Trowbridge were

brilliant to be fair, they had to be, but the amount of paperwork and the subsequent

problem fixing when you buy and sell a house at exactly the same time tests your

unflappability. To add to that getting a mortgage isn’t simple when you own and run a

business but Mortgage Express did a sterling job. So in the last week before Christmas on

Monday it was all doom and gloom with moving looking impossible; Tuesday evening the

Mortgage money finally came through; Wednesday afternoon we completed and

exchanged; Thursday we moved into my Mum and Dads and the amazing RJ Removals

packed up our house (they were so good, I am never packing up my own house ever again!);

Friday they moved us and with the steadfast help of Molly and Harry, Jenny and Mum and

Dad unpacked as I worked my last day of the year; Saturday (Christmas Eve) we drove to

Port Issac in Cornwall to spend Christmas with my brother and his family.

The story doesn’t end there. I may consider myself a man of the world but as I was a born

and bred Bristolian I am arguably a ‘city boy’. Now I hear from my brother over and over

that Cornwall is different, it is a country of its own apparently and recently there have even

been reports of an escaped lion killing deer and scaring locals. So on the drive down we

were all on the look out for the magnificent beast when with only 20 minutes to go, what

appeared to be a goat with wings, flew into my windscreen smashing it and even knocking

off my rear-view mirror. I saw it at the last second swoop in and I may have jumped…just a

little. Molly now knows the words ‘Christ’ and ‘that was a big bird’. Not exactly what every

parent wants to hear but hey I’m surprised I didn’t say anything else…but she’s right those

seagulls in Cornwall are massive, it must be all the extra radiation.

At work, January sees all the new year, new you, propaganda and we are no different so

James has set up an indoor boot camp for you all in Mangotsfield on a Tuesday morning at

9:30 am for an hour after the school run for only £37.50 for 5 classes. He’s also doing

personal training 1 to 1 or 2 to 1. You can book a set of 10 1 to 1’s for only £250. For more

details please check out the Next Step Centre website.