Category: Olympics

  • Katrina Hart

    Born with cerebral palsy, Katrina was introduced to running aged 14. She soon impressed coaches with her natural speed and aged 15 she won a bronze medal at the 2005 European Championships. Katrina suffered a hamstring injury at the 2008 Beijing Games that saw her finish in seventh in the 100m final. She had to … Continued

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  • Paralympian

    “As an elite athlete I am constantly looking for ways to improve my performance. After the injuries which my body sustained, as a result of training, in the lead up to the Beijing Paralympic games and the IPC world Championships, in New Zealand; I’m keen not to repeat this for London this year.” “Tim is … Continued

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  • Looking After a Skeleton

    “Skeleton is a brutal sport sometimes. Whether I’m hitting a wall of ice at break-neck speed, or getting crushed under 5G’s of pressure going around a corner at 90mph – sliding can really take its toll on my body.” “I have been working with Tim at Cleve Chiropractic for several years now and it’s amazing … Continued

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